Why Don’t More Entrepreneurs Use Critical Thinking?


Quoting from a blog posting on Bootsrapper (blog):

Why Don’t More Entrepreneurs Use Critical Thinking?
There are probably three main reasons that more entrepreneurs do not use critical thinking:

  1. Critical thinking is not learned naturally by most people, without catalyzing conditions.
  2. It’s not commonly taught in the public education system, if anywhere at all, and certainly not in many careers.
  3. The results of critical thinking sometimes resemble idealism, and there’s a chain of confusion about idealism. It’s confused by some with “bleeding-heart liberalism”, which is confused with socialism, which is confused with communism – considered a sin by most Americans. Idealism and communism are wholly different, but how do you go against this kind of societal misconception?
  4. Having capital to throw at a problem often dulls the thought process towards coming up with more cost-effective, efficient solutions.

Bootstrapper (blog): Critical Thinking for Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs >> Link-out
Daniel Montano
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