Gregory Bateson’s Mind and Nature.


I’m reading Gregory Bateson’s book, Mind and Nature. Bateson was an anthropologist, sociologist, second order cyberneticist and philosopher. In this book Bateson wrote an accessible philosophy that acknowledges issues in science and in popular forms of thinking.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes this blog. Mind and Nature proposes transdisciplinary studies as an effort to greater understanding. Mind and Nature also questions the lenses we use to interpret our world. It points out presuppositions built into some of those lenses. All of this is done in plain, accessible language.

Two full chapters of Mind and Nature, available free online >

Mind and Nature. A Necessary Unity on >

Gregory Bateson in Wikipedia >

An independent review of Mind and Nature >

Bateson, G. (1980). Mind and nature a necessary unity. Toronto: Bantam Books.
Daniel Montano
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