Thinking Outside the Box: Beyond Binary Thinking


Either/or thinking (binary thinking), is a very basic and somewhat reactionary way of thinking. It’s based on classifying everything into two boxes. This leads to us viewing the world through a high-contrast, black-and-white filter.

Classification according to either/or binary thinking), reduces our ability to understand and think beyond the limited scope. Binary thinking prevents us from:

  • understanding a concept in term of degrees
  • understanding a concept in terms of “types”
  • understanding processes in contextual terms
  • understanding concepts through other lenses
  • understanding concepts from other perspectives

Daniel Montano
Keyword: Daniel Montano, Dan Montano, user experience design, information architect


2 thoughts on “Thinking Outside the Box: Beyond Binary Thinking

  1. Christian, thanks for the link. I took a quick look at the Wikipedia article. I soon realized that it’s not an article you quickly scan and move on – it deserves careful reading. I look forward to reading it with full attention.

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