Green Jobs Predicted to Become Some of the Top Jobs of 2008?


“While so-called “green” jobs haven’t made the BLS report to date, some career experts believe that they will proliferate in 2008, shaking up the list of the “fastest growing” jobs. “More and more companies are adding dedicated staff to focus their environmental efforts,” says Alison Doyle,’s Guide to Job Searching. Citing the increase in the number of green-centric job listings websites, Doyle advocates her belief that green jobs are arriving in two breeds: some green jobs, she predicts, will be positions at specialized firms whose business is reducing human environmental impact; others will simply be “jobs at environmentally friendly companies” looking to improve their eco-friendliness or image.Chris Higgins’ observations of Wharton graduate students seem to substantiate Doyle’s prediction. “There’s a big buzz on campus about renewable energy, specifically on companies in the investment phase” of the nascent industry, he says, noting that “biofuels seem to be the biggest area of investment.”The “green” buzz is also growing among undergraduate students. Nicole Schwab, a career counselor at the University of Virginia, reports that “jobs in corporate social responsibility are also on students’ radars,” in addition to the usual interest in PR, advertising, finance and marketing.”

Source: Top Jobs of 2008 –  (Via FastCompany)


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