What does experience design have to do with sustainability?


I am glad to see questions like these popping up within my own field of experience design.

When we talk about sustainable design we are not only talking about the design of products and services but also the design of all the experiences that are related to sustainable behaviors, attitudes, values etc.

Alexa Andrzejewski, over at Adaptive Path wrote an interesting blog post about this topic. She believes that experience designers “are uniquely-poised to encourage sustainability by capitalizing on what we know about human behavior as well as business strategy.” She goes on to suggest that experience designers have the capacity to:

  • Make sustainable experiences more compelling than the alternatives.
  • Understand and appeal to people’s motivations, values and aspirations.
  • Harness the power of information to help people make better decisions.
  • Promote a service-mindset vs. a product-mindset.
  • Communicate the business value of sustainability.

adaptive path » blog » Alexa Andrzejewski » What does experience design have to do with sustainability?

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