Derrida from Deconstruction to Disruption.


Physics, one of our key-stone sciences has plenty of room for disruptive innovation within its paradigm. One of the potential paths to change would be through philosophy. Physics has dependencies on narrowly defined ideas that could be improved through philosophical thinking. This also leads me to think that philosophers should be part of the innovation teams, R&D departments and skunkworks.

Einstein and Philosophy
Einstein was first an amateur philosopher, then a physicist. He read Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason in his early teens. (And it’s hard for me to ignore the idea that Immanuel Kant’s insights about time may have provided Einstein the leverage he needed to imagine his theories.

Which Philosophers?
I think these philosophers should be from the school of Derrida, aka the deconstruction. In today’s world deconstruction may be reunderstood as a form of disruptive thinking.

Why deconstruction?
Because it’s a way of thinking for skeptics. It basically says re-understand everything you believe to be true – look at the words and ideas used to construct the world you live in – what do these words and concepts really mean?.

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