The Buckminster Fuller Challenge


Quoting from the Buckminster Fuller Institute website:

The Buckminster Fuller Challenge seeks submissions of design science solutions within a broad range of human endeavor that exemplify the trimtab principle . Trimtabs demonstrate how small amounts of energy and resources precisely applied at the right time and place can produce maximum advantageous change.

Solutions should be:

  • Comprehensive — a clear demonstration of holistic systems thinking.
  • Anticipatory — projectively tracking critical trends and needs; identifying and assessing long term consequences of proposed solutions.
  • Ecologically responsible — reflective and supportive of nature’s underlying processes, patterns and principles.
  • Verifiable — able to withstand rigorous empirical testing.
  • Replicable — capable of being readily undertaken by others
  • Achievable — likely to be implemented successfully and broadly adopted.


Buckminster Fuller Institute:

Buckminster Fuller Challenge website:

The Buckminster Fuller Challenge movie


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