Types of thinking and awareness


I told a friend of mine that one of my hobbies is “collecting” types of thinking. The unspoken idea here is that by documenting different types of thinking I will get in the habit of using different thinking tools.

I continue to crawl the web looking for more types of thinking. Sometimes I find comments by other people who are becoming more aware of the importance of thought in their life. I like to document those too.

“There are many different types of thinking…[…]…Living on autopilot or “living on fast forward” is the quickest way to rushing into inefficiency, errors and hollow living. Research tells us that we can save between four and eight hours for every hour we invest in planning.”

He continues: “We need to make time for big-picture thinking to look beyond ourselves and gain eternal perspective. Without time to think we are unlikely to question popular thinking, to be creative or strategic. Getting outside of ourselves and the rush of our day-to-day lives allows us to reflect, think unselfishly and remember why we are here. Making time to think allow us to connect with deeper needs of meaning and belonging. It allows us to recall that we are human beings, not task-driven robots.”

Quote found in: Catholic Business Journal – “Time to Think” , Aug 27, 2008.

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Things to do:

Head on over to the Wikipedia page called “Portal:Thinking” and review the different types of thinking. If you can think of others that are missing help us out and add them on to the page. If you don’t know how to edit the Wikipedia page then post a comment on this blog posting with the type of thinking you wanted to add. If I don’t add it myself hopefully someone else reading this blog will.
Daniel Montano


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