Metacognition: reading and understanding difficult texts


Miss Dee  documented the way she digests difficult passages in literature. Here is her flow step-by-step:

“Step 1: Identify the genre and topic of the passage.

Step 2: Look for Topic Sentences and supporting evidence and explanations.

Step 3: Draw links -> look out for connectors

Step 4: Use one-line summary for each paragraph to remind yourself what you have read.

Step 5: Ask yourself questions if you find something interesting.  You might find the answer as you read further.”

Visit her blog to view the original posting it contains screenshots of papers and her own annotations: Thinking About Thinking – Disecting “Difficult” Passages

There are other interesting postings on education on her blog. I recommend paying her a visit.
Daniel Montano


3 thoughts on “Metacognition: reading and understanding difficult texts

  1. puffapod

    Hi Daniel. I am rather new at this Metacognition concept. Recently, I attended a short workshop about how to show students the way experienced readers understand a text. Thus, I tried this method of thinking aloud with my students in class. 🙂 That’s why it is rather short and concise.

    Maybe you can direct me to other resources so that I can fully utilise this method. Thanks for picking my blog entry. 🙂

  2. Hi, nice to see your message here. I would recommend going to – When you get there type in the subject of metacognition you’ll find libraries nearby that carry books and media on the subject.

    So far I think the most interesting author on this topic is Robert J. Sternberg. He has written some books that are specifically geared towards education/instruction, so that may be helpful.

    Other subject keywords you may want to try are:
    – Critical thinking
    – Problem solving
    – Thought and thinking
    – Cognitive Styles
    …and some more narrow topics..
    – Critical thinking — Study and teaching
    – Problem solving — Problems, exercises, etc.
    – Human Information Processing
    – Reasoning Problems, exercises, etc.
    – Comprehension Problems, exercises, etc.

    Let me know if you end up finding any resources that you thought were outstanding.

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