Time to think: The one-hour thinking habit


I love this idea:

“Jeffery Fox […] recommends that you think daily for one hour. Not the unfocused, random thinking you might do in the shower or on your way to work […] but focused, committed thinking: planning, brainstorming, writing down ideas, testing hypotheses, considering a work problem, imagining the future, setting goals, etc.” [1]

I know that some people write in journals and diaries. Other take notes. Others create mindmaps and roadmaps.

For some ideas I buy composition notebooks and try to stick to one organized topic per notebook. Yes, it’s analog and I do this in purpose because I’ve noticed that I think differently when I write on the computer than when I write in other medium.

For other ideas I always carry a sketchbook. This one is for “open thinking” – where drawings, graphs, workflow diagrams, concept diagrams, thumbnails, writing, and other working ideas take place.


[1] Earned Value. (blog) : “Daily Thinking”


Wikipedia: “Mindmap
Daniel Montano


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