Our country needs a not-for profit organization to evaluate sustainable products


We need a full-time non-profit organization to organize itself out there.

Here’s a quick brainstorm about what this not-for-profit organization could look like:

Vision: to promote sustainability as a recognized value in our cultures.

Mission: To develop an ecosystem where sustainability-focused businesses and organizations can network and be encouraged in their growth and viability.

Requirement: This not-for-profit organization shall be independent from: (1) government, (2) private industry, (3) any other individual or entity that attempts to influence the organization away from promoting the best products and services in the best interest of people and the environment.

The goals:

  • to raise consumer awareness about sustainable products and services
  • to establish a benchmark for sustainable products in every product and service line
  • to promote the emergence of competition on the criteria of sustainability
  • to promote new technologies and scientific innovations aligned with sustainability
  • to educate organizations and businesses on the best sustainability practices in every industry
  • to create a network of designers, producers, merchants and consumers that recognize the value provided by the sustainability evaluation
  • to promote competition towards building more sustainable products and services
  • to mentor and guide other not-for-profit organizations across the globe wanting to adopt a similar goals

Objectives for pre-launch phase:

  • File for not-for-profit status
  • Gather funds for pre-launch phase and the 1st post-launch phase
  • Launch a multi-lingual website
  • Establish an online sustainability library
  • Plan and structure a quarterly forum for the promotion of sustainable products and services
  • Establish a criteria for evaluating sustainability merits for major service and product lines
  • Begin a sign-up sheet for the first evaluation forum
  • Begin interviews and evaluations

Support base:

  • Private industries wanting to have products and services evaluated shall pay a membership or an evaluation fee.
  • Other donations

Initial staff – (pre-launch phase):

  • Development consultant
  • Communications manager
  • Sustainability researcher and librarian
  • General office assistant
  • Volunteers

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EPEAT – Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool

EPEAT – Sample evaluation criteria for electronics

IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

List of non-profit organizations focusing on ecological issues


Daniel Montano



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