The politics of sustainable design


Let’s face it, green design, sustainable design, ecological conscious innovations all of these concepts are highly politicized ideas. It’s inevitable. Every time you have innovative ideas they must enter into the arena to compete with the ideas of folks who’d like to see more of the same.

The main reasons? The usual suspects: money and power. Every time a product saves you electricity that means less money for electric companies. Every time a car saves you gas that means less money for the gas companies.

I remember not too long ago “experts” (being funded by gas companies) denied the risk of global climate change. Right around the same time, our very own president, (an oil businessman), denied the risks also.

So, as you read about sustainable design, I ask you to remain skeptical of the agenda behind “reports”, “news” the words of “experts” and the words of your “leaders”. Remember that in the end, money and politics play a big role on how “truth” is shaped in our societies.

Manufactured truth, in the space of politics, and economics could not be more relative and insignificant as it stands next to the lager realities of global climate change. Our planet, adjusting its climate for its own survival, will continue on its path, regardless of our political and economic games.

The need
There is a need for green businesses, not for profit organizations, and government agencies to publish and speak up about the ecological, financial potential and multi-layered benefits of green and sustainable design.


– Daniel Montano



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