Adaptive Reasoning


I added “Adaptive Reasoning” to Wikipedia. Not really a new concept but it was missing from the resource. If you’re familiar with this term please add more material.

“Adaptive reasoning may refer to the adaption of thought processes, problem solving strategies, conceptual frameworks, in response and anticipation of the the changing nature of the problem being considered.”

I also added Adaptive reasoning to the List of Thought Processes.

Once again, I’d like to invite folks out there to contribute to the list of thought processes and to the Topic Outline of Thought pages. If you don’t know how to edit Wikipedia you can post the term here as a comment (please include your references) and I will add it to Wikipedia as time allows.


5 thoughts on “Adaptive Reasoning

  1. i like philosophical approach, specially distinction between reason and mind (Kant, Hegel etc.). What is your background in this sense?
    Also autopoietic versus allopoietic—

  2. I am assuming this is Dr. Ante Lauc from the University of Osijek ?

    The distinction between reason and mind? That’s a fun and long discussion.

    There are many ways we can think of this…

    – Meaning is dynamic and it evolves over time as people discuss concepts. As a result “mind” has an infinite number of meanings all around the world. But we recognize all of them by the same term – “mind”.

    – Autopoeisis is based on what I am beginning to think may be a mistake. In a world where everything is interrelated, everything is constantly influencing everything else. As a result nothing is entirely “self created”. There are internal/external influences that contribute to all changes. As a result everything is co-created by everything.

    From another perspective…
    – One of my big pet peeves is the common interpretation of “mind = brain”. I think that is a reductive way of understanding the mind. The mind, in my opinion, is not the same as the mechanics that contribute to its emergence. The brain is only one active factor among an infinite number that may be at play.

    – Mind, in my opinion, may be an open and dynamic system. What is outside of our bodies may influence the mind just as much as our bodies do.

  3. i am glad that you know much more than you expressed. It is TAO..
    Being and non-being produce each other.
    Difficult and easy complement each other.
    Long and short define each other.
    High and low oppose each other.
    Fore and aft follow each other.

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