Social Innovation


Companies that focus purely in solving problems that are about the selection of the “right” features and products alone will become irrelevant faster than others that have a more comprehensive and broader perspective of the world.

Let’s face it a lot of our companies are too busy looking at their own problems. A smaller group of them have reached “Awareness Level 1” where they recognize their customers. A smaller group has reached “Awareness Level 2” the recognition of the difference between “costumers” and “users”. In short, both of these levels are like learning that 1-you’re not the only person in the world and there are others and 2-that others have reached….

The innovation processes of deciding which features and products to create next are somewhat complex. But the reality is that they are often not complex enough. Most of these features, and products can be disrupted relatively easily unless they’re grounded in something that is deeper and more meaningful than gloss.

By “depth” in this context I am talking about an ethical alignment with mature values like those surrounding the the best interest of humanity.



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