Peter Batt

Today’s generation of budding business leaders are much more likely to see sustainability as a cornerstone of their management agenda. Their real challenge will be promoting it in the corporate environment, writes Tom Idle


They call themselves the first ‘sustainable generation’, but few would envy today’s crop of emerging business school talent.

Not only do they emerge from their MBAs and graduate placements facing a market struggling to keep its head above the murky waters of financial debt and uncertainty, but they must also confront the ecological debt amassed by the West, which has hungrily sought industrialisation these past 100 years.

And time isn’t on their side. By the time these twenty-somethings reach the height of their powers, both socially and economically -– perhaps 20 years from now –– the world as we know it will be a very different place. The general consensus suggests that failing to adopt sustainable…

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