New ideas are extremely vulnerable in most organisations. The natural tendency is to kill anything new because it doesn’t fit with our established way of thinking or our usual way of doing things – so we tend to reject them. Further new ideas are only partly formed, clumsily articulated, riddled with inconsistencies, lacking detail, unproven and un researched – so are quite easy to knock down.

On top of this, “frazzled” executives already have overflowing “to do” lists and anything new is going to mean more work – so seriously unwelcome.

The other challenge is that new ideas and innovation often challenge existing profitable business activity, so organisations delay for too long. Remember Kodak invented the first digital camera but continued to be a “film” business until it was too late and it was destroyed by it’s own invention.

The 9/11 attacks were predicted by 2 separate FBI agents – their ideas…

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