When Pluto lost its standing as a planet, some teachers had to wait years for print textbooks that accurately described its new status. But in a digital world, says Osman Rashid, CEO and co-founder of Kno, that kind of lag time should be obsolete.

“You should be able to update content in the digital world on the fly,” he said. “In digital, the idea of a new textbook edition doesn’t exist any more.”

Since launching in 2009, the digital textbook startup has worked with about 80 publishers to bring more than 200,000 higher education and K-12 titles to all kinds of mobile and connected devices. On Tuesday, it unveiled Advance, a new free platform that lets publishers and authors turn static files or PDFs into an interactive book “in minutes.”

If schools are going to embrace digital content, Rashid says, they need to know that they can find all…

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