Get the Gift of Logical Thinking by Learning a Little Philosophy


A Bringer of New Things

IMG_4322Study Philosophy and Get a Valuable Skill—It’s Not as Hard as You Think

Many people think the study of philosophy is all about vague, unnecessarily complicated speculation that has no use for everyday life, but this is far from the truth. Those who think this usually either have not dipped a toe or two into the waters of philosophy, or they have been misdirected by puffed-up people (sometimes including teachers, sadly) who like to make philosophy seem harder than it is so they will seem smarter than they are.

While philosophy can get tricky and complex in some areas, it’s not all rocket science. With the help of a good teacher (in person or in a book), you can wade first in the shallow end, enjoying the water and learning to swim, instead of diving headfirst into the deep end.

And there are many benefits to studying philosophy. Along with the…

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