Wk 6: Micro-System Analysis


curiosity is

I recently completed an analysis of a micro-system for my Systems Theory class using the Banathy (1992) systems-environment model of analysis. This was a difficult assignment for me, and managing the complexity of the task was decidedly outside of my comfort zone. The end product, while being my best effort, was not my best work. So, I’m left with the task of accepting that this first paper was the start of a process in which I come to a more thorough understanding of system theory and the knotted, tangled, convoluted process of analyzing complex systems.


As I said in my last post, the micro-system I decided to analyze is that of myself as the teacher of my three small children. I am not home schooling my kids, but I feel the teaching of morals, ethics, behavioral standards, etc. as well as the enhancement of their traditional schooling remains primarily…

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