5 Important Questions before Giving your Child a Smart Device


Daniel Montano:

I’m always glad to find examples of people thinking critically about technology.

Originally posted on disrupt learning!:

Today’s post comes from guest blogger Reese Jones. Reese is an IOS and android fan who loves phones and print media. Reese writes regularly for Techie Doodlers. She is also a keen footballer (for those in the US, that mean soccer!) and has a passion for architecture.

kids and iphoneBased on Lookout’s 2012 data, 65% of parents believe that there’s no particular age when it’s best to provide a smart device. They think that age does not determine whether or not the child is responsible enough to own a gadget, but rather it’s the child’s maturity that counts. We understand that it can be a daunting task to gauge whether it’s the right time to give a tech devices to a child. So, for this article, we’ll provide you 5 questions commonly asked by parents before purchasing a smart device and our critical answers to your concerns.

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