Interaction design from multiple perspectives


Kanrawi's HCI Notes

Dan Saffer introduced an interesting fact in interaction design in his book Design for interaction. The goal of interaction design is to design possible interactions for users to accomplish their goal or product or service. The interactions have to fit the time and context of the product.

Even the goal of interaction is the same, different designers might do it in many different ways depending on their experiences. One factor affecting their design is their perspective toward the design project.

Saffer suggested three perspectives.

1. Technology-centered view – designing interactions for the raw product created from software engineer or programmers in order to create good user experience.

2.Behaviorist view – designing the behavior and feedback of the product to serve the needs of the user. The focus is on the function and the feedback.

3.Social interaction design view – designing interaction between people that use the product regardless of the number of device or type of device they…

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