A Marginal Gains approach to learning design



This year I am a taking a cognitive science led approach to learning design within a Level 7 (MBA) module. At first, I wasn’t sure if it would make that much difference to my approach; I had considered cog-sci perspectives in previous learning design exercises and I have produced well-balanced learning environments, demonstrated via learning attainment on the part of my students (exam/assignment/dissertation scores) and the traditional post-module satisfaction survey (happy sheets), scattered with a fair number of nominations for student-led teaching awards.

The problem is that I had a L7 course bomb last year – I had a mix of international/UK/EU students who presented challenges the like of which I had not experienced before. To protect the innocent, I will not be shedding too much light on the nature of those challenges, but suffice to say that the student’s learning behaviours just didn’t meet my expectations. To be fair, if…

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