About Daniel Montano (UX)



Daniel Montano is an User Experience Designer in Los Angeles, California.

Contact information:

Email: info@DanMontano.com

Linkedin: http://lnk.ms/VLWD8

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DanielMontano

My professional blog at DanMontano.com – focused on strategic innovation, user experience, healthcare, medical device software, e-Learning, and Higher Ed.

I have a background in new media and Information Science with a focus in Information Architecture. I work as an User Experience Architect. I have 11  years of work experience in software/web interaction design. I have worked on large university websites, medical software interfaces, entertainment and other industries. I have restructured websites for hospitals, and the website for the largest college in the U.S. More recently was the user experience architect behind a homework management system for a large American  publisher.  If you have a project or professional lead feel free to send me an email:

Best regards and enjoy your visit.

– DM

Here’s a remnant of Innovation Strategies, the e-book which I wrote and market tested for 2 weeks in 2006. This book was acquired by a few university professors, business analysts, investment advisors, product designers, and marketing professionals. This is a screen-shot from the library webpage of IDS St. Gallen, an European university. This page features the library’s record entry for the e-book. Visit the University of St. Gallen’s library record


Mentions elsewhere:

Innovation and New Business Models (Presentation by Mindtrek, Amsterdam)

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Process (Prentation by Prof. Dr. Suhono H. Supangkat, Japan)

(Disclaimer: The thoughts and opinions expressed in this recreational blog are my own and they do not reflect my former, current nor future employers nor clients.)

15 thoughts on “About Daniel Montano (UX)

  1. Thank you very much! I have posted some your interesting entries in our blog on systems thinking and other… Thanks! I added your site in our link list also.

  2. Hi Daniel,

    I really do enjoy your blog!! I am the Founder of the Creative Skills Training Council and would like to nominate you as a member to the Council. Would you allow me to do that. It is a simple formality and it will bring you into the email discussions we have.

    Kind regards,

  3. Daniel Montano

    I am looking others things about me in google and I found your blog, we are homonymous, I hope to have time to read your blog slowly

    with kindest regards

  4. Isn’t it strange writing to someone who shares your name?

    There are quite a bit of us out there. It’s a colorful array but at least our name is not as common as John Smith.

  5. redjotter

    Hi Daniel,

    I wanted to say hello and thank you for your comments on redjotter.

    An interesting start to my day!

    I am particularly interested in your types of thinking post. Good diagrams!


  6. Hi Daniel,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Very provocative, especially the post on unlearning. I came to your blog because I searched for the term “multispective” – I am considering using that as my company name and buying the URL multispective.com. I wanted to ping you first because you have some groundwork laid on the term and concept. My new company is going to be built on many of the ideas you outlined here – especially nondualism.

    Kind Regards,

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