Switching focus from bits to humans. How technology affects people.


Quoting Don Norman from a recent article on CNET

“…We, as people, we should not care about the technology. We should care about the benefits it gives us…”[1]

It’s moments like these that I am reminded why I am a fan of Norman.[2]

Personally, I would like to see more cultural criticism of technology, and more philosophy of technology as it relates to culture in general.

There are plenty of gadget blogs and tech magazines out there – most of them feel like shopping catalogs.

As a culture we are focused too much on the bits of technology and we often forget to look at the big picture – how technology affects our cultures.

For example, how does the invention of a new browser affect our freedom of speech?  freedom of movement in digital-space?  freedom of communication with privacy?  etc.  These questions are a lot more interesting to me.

[1] CNET – Tech Design with Thought.

[2] Who the hell is Don Norman any way? – short answer, he is a design professional and cognitive science professor that promotes user-centered design. If you want to learn more about him – Here is his Wikipedia page
Daniel Montano